Tuesday, January 10, 2006


TheHusband really is the sweetest guy I know. The other day we were talking about him getting a new job (he's had the interview and is just waiting for a call back) and how he would need to buy new clothes if he got the job.

Turns out the dress code at the new place is business casual (khakis, collared shirts, etc). TheHusband only has one collared shirt (not including his nice white dress shirts) and the following conversation ensued:

TH: Well, I do have the one black polo, but I won't wear that. It's too bad, because I like that shirt.

Me: Why won't you wear that shirt?

TH: I don't want you to be reminded of why I bought it.

Me: Why you. . . ? (light dawns on blond head) Oh. I never even thought of it before.

TH: D'oh! But now you'll remember, won't you?

Me: Yes, but wear it anyway. Besides it looks good on you.

Yeah, I don't remember many specific details (such as what shirts were bought) of the first couple of weeks after the fire/funeral. But now that he mentions it, the funeral is the first time I ever saw him were that particular shirt. And yes, it will remind me of that time, but it will also remind me of how sweet and caring TheHusband is. I mean, seriously, how many guys would decide not to wear a shirt because it might have bad memories for someone else?

God definitely knew what He was doing when He gave me TheHusband. =)

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