Life As A Dinosaur

I began the "Life as a Dinosaur" series in March of 2011. At that time I had been living with my diagnosis of ankylosing spondilytis (AS) for about three years. I was about to start seeing a new rheumatologist and wanted to take a look back on everything I had experienced.

I decided to set up this page so any new readers can easily find and read through all the "Life as a Dinosaur" posts. I also wanted to have a place to keep track of the resources I have found helpful in my journey with this disease.

Please understand that I am NOT looking for sympathy. I just want to let others with AS know that they are not alone. I also wanted to let those people who don't have AS, but know someone who does, have a bit of insight into what it's like to actually live with it.

Chronological List of Posts:

Introducing "Life As a Dinosaur"
Life As a Dinosaur: The Awakening
Life As a Dinosaur: Hoping for Relief
Life As a Dinosaur: My Winter Woes
Life As a Dinosaur: Shrek & Igor
Life As a Dinosaur: Methotrexate
Life As a Dinosaur: The Spoon Theory
Life As a Dinosaur: Failing the Drug Therapies
Life As a Dinosaur: Surprising Results
Life As a Dinosaur: The Last Straw
Life As a Dinosaur: A New Beginning

Helpful Resources (in my opinion):

The Spoon Theory
Spondylitis Association of America (links directly to the AS information there)

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