Saturday, May 13, 2006


First woman, fully formed.
No womb for you, born of man.
Shaped by God's tender hand.
You walked in friendship with Him,
the Creator of your garden home
and all creatures who in it roamed.
Then tempted by the serpent's words,
too late, true wisdom you did gain.
Expelled from paradise all the same.
The painful labor you endured,
a sacrifice of unknown worth.
The first child of humble birth.
You raised two sons to be men.
Then watched one kill the other.
The cause? Jealousy between brothers.
Praise the Lord, when Seth was born,
in each tear of joy you wept.
He was the beginning of a promise kept.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool Dora! Now I know this blog exists I'll have to keep checking it out!

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