Thursday, August 03, 2006

Taking a break. . .

. . . The last few days have been filled with pretty much the same old same old. Except, I've been taking a break from my photo scanning project (over 1000 scanned and counting) to play with my new laptop.

So far I've been loving it, but I still have to get used to the keyboard and the lack of a 10Key pad. Oh, well, it was bound to happen sometime. I love the fact that I can be anywhere in the apartment and still be able to write on the 'puter. I also love that I purchased a wireless mouse for the laptop (and a cute one, it's a Swiss Army Mouse - honorably discharged of course). Without this little guy I would probably tried using my desktop mouse about a thousand times by now.

This weekend I'll have to get back to the scanning project. There's only about 50 to 100 pictures left to do. While I've been doing this I've been trying to think of ways to put these pictures into some sort of DVD presentation for my mom and brothers. I may just have to break down and use my Pinnacle software for something more than watching t.v. at my P.C., which will totally shock TheHusband. hee hee

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Bethie said...

When I use Boogy's laptap I go nuts because the control key on the left is in a different place! Grrrr.... So I'm constantly messing up cuts and pastes and such. Otherwise, a very useful thing to have. Nice to be able to mess on the computer anywhere in the house and even take it with you!

Love you bunches,

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