Friday, March 23, 2012

Life as a Dinosaur: B-9, It's better than bingo!

Monday's surgery went off almost without a hitch. I say almost because apparently Bert was larger than anticipated and had entrenched himself in my abdomen for the long haul. It took the surgeon an extra half hour to pry him out, but she was victorious in the end and both Bert and Ernie ended up taking a trip to the lab for biopsy.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the surgeon called with the biopsy results. Both cysts are benign. This was not unexpected, but having the answer for sure is a relief. The surgeon also stated that she had seen signs of endometriosis during the surgery. We'll talk with her more about that when I go back for my post-op exam in a week or so.

We did learn a very important thing for any future surgeries I may need (we're crossing our fingers that won't be necessary), and that is general anesthesia makes me nauseous. Very NAUSEOUS. The nurses ended up having to give me three different anti-nausea drugs to take the edge off. And really, that's all they did. There were a couple touch 'n go moments on the car ride home, but I was ever so glad to finally make it home.

I've spent the last few days recuperating at home. TheHusband has been AWESOME in his care-taking duties. Making meals, bringing me beverages, making a special trip to the store for chicken noodle soup, surprising me with a chocolate bar, and taking care of the kitties (who have taken to giving me the sad kitty eyes every time I shuffle from the bedroom to the bathroom or office and back). And while I am feeling much better, I'm still wondering how it's possible that the one side of my abdomen that wasn't punctured for the laproscopy is the part that hurts the worst. That's something else we'll be discussing with the surgeon.

I was able to make it downstairs for the first time yesterday, and I'm super excited to be going to dinner at the home of friends tonight. It's my first outing since the surgery. I'm just hoping they don't make me laugh too much.
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