Sunday, May 20, 2012

Need a New Do. . . The Reveal

So have I made you all wait long enough to reveal the new hairstyle I went with? No? Okay, well then I'll just have to give you a little filler. Hee Hee.

Last Thursday TheHusband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by going to MOA (the Mall of America, for those of you who aren't in or from MN). We had been planning this outing for several weeks, but on Thursday morning we decided we would leave the house a bit earlier than originally planned so we could make a stop at Fantastic Sams to get my hair chopped. We arrived before they unlocked doors and were happy to see our favorite stylist was working.

As she got me settled in her chair I whipped out a couple of the pictures I had posted on Tuesday:


Surprise, surprise. Numbers 2 & 3. They were the close favorites (thanks for all the feedback!) and what I had been leaning toward as well. After getting over her initial surprise at how short I wanted to go, the stylist and I discussed my options. Because of the thickness and texture of my hair, we decided we would attempt the length of #2 and the texture of #3, and about 25 minutes later she was done!


Look Mom! I have curls!

I haven't had hair this short since sixth or seventh grade and back then it was straight. So I can honestly say that it curled WAY more than anyone anticipated. While this cut didn't really turn out like either of the example pictures, I really like it and if I really want to I can use a flat iron (if I had one) to make it look more like either of the examples. I can be as fussy with it or NOT as I want to be and I love not having to worry about snarls or jewelry snags anymore. Also, I'm really glad I found the website to be able to "try on" a few styles before making any decisions. Being able to see and live with those pictures of me with short hair for a few days prior to the actual cut have really made the transition easier.

I waited a couple of days before taking pictures (these were taken at around 2:30 this afternoon), because I wanted to live with the results for a couple of days before getting feedback from anyone else. Kind of my way of making sure my opinion of the results weren't influenced by anyone else's opinions of the results. Also, we all know that you can never duplicate exactly how the stylist styles it, so I wanted to post pictures of how it will usually look in real life.

So there it is. What do you think? Has my hair gone of the deep short end? Or did my stylist work some hair magic? Anyone else want to go shorter now?

I'm linking this post up with The Lightning and The Lightning Bug's Dare to Share Link up.This week's theme is "Graduation" and I would have to say that this drastic hairstyle change is a graduation of sorts.
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