Monday, June 04, 2012

A Hair-y Dilemma

So, yeah, I went and got a short hair cut and have been LOVING it, because of the whole wash 'n go, no muss no fuss aspect of it. Plus, there's the part where EVERYBODY else seems to love it too (at least that's what they say, and I'm choosing to believe it). I mean from the reactions I've received you would think I hadn't changed my hairstyle in over 20 years. Oh, wait, that's right I haven't. So never mind about the whole "everybody's over-reacting" vibe I was just giving out there.

Annny-who, back to the original topic of this post. It would appear that after 20-some years of being able to just  pull my hair back into a pony tail whenever the need arose (which honestly, was practically all the time) I have forgotten how to use headbands and hair clips. Never mind the fact that I actually never really knew how to use them in the first place because when I was a kid with short hair, I was a tomboy who didn't care one little bit about how to use headbands or hair clips.

After my first physical therapy session and several days of doing the prescribed stretches, I found myself in the local big name "discount" store, staring at the wall of headbands, hair clips, and assorted hair paraphernalia. All I needed was something to keep the hair around my face OUT of my face while doing Cat Back and cardio. Speaking of cardio, why did no one remind me that shorter hair traps all the heat right next to your head??? Seriously people, that was some need to know info. But I digress, back to the wall of hair stuff we go.

TheHusband had gone off to collect the other items we needed, while I intended to quickly grab some headbands. Sadly, I wasn't so quick. I think time and space warped as I looked over the dozens and dozens of options. Clips, bands, scarves, combs, no slip, no slide, secure grip, sparkly, plain, faux tortoise shell, the variations were seemingly endless. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and my eyes began to lose focus as I tried to figure out the best option. Then suddenly, there was TheHusband with ALL the other stuff we had on our list and I still hadn't decided what to get. I blindly grabbed some plain headbands and hoped they would fit the bill.

Now I just need to figure out how they work. I mean, I see girls/women wearing them all the time and they don't seem to have the difficulties I'm experiencing. How exactly do people get them to stay in place? Mine either continue to slide backwards until they feel like they are going to slide right off the back of my head, or they feel like they are slowing being pushed forward by my uber-strong hair that refuses to be controlled by them.

Maybe it's the shape of my head. I just don't know, but if I don't figure it out soon I may be headed to youtube to search for instructional videos. Is there such a thing as headband instructional videos? Is it sad that I'm considering searching for such a thing? Does anybody have any tips or tricks for getting headbands not to slide?

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