Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Pregnant Rollerskate

TheHusband and I went and picked up my "new" used car tonight. It is a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle. This car makes me smile for so many reasons. Not only is it just a down right cute car, but we got an excellent deal on it (almost $4000 below the book value because the husband knows the dealer) and it has loads of features.

But what makes me smile the most is that it reminds me of Dad. No, he never owned one (at least that I know of), but whenever he saw one he would call it a pregnant rollerskate. Which then reminds me of all the other things that he named or said differently. . .

Real word/item: VW Beetle Dad's word: pregnant rollerskate
Real word/item: recipe Dad's word: pronounced "receipt"
Real word/item: library Dad's word: pronounced "libary"

I know Dad would make fun of me for buying a pregnant rollerskate, but I know he would secretly be happy for me. Besides, according to TheHusband's research, the VW Beetle is the safest car in its class. Safe and cute, who wouldn't want his daughter to have this car? =)

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