Saturday, June 03, 2006

Quick Craft Project: Small Gift Bag

Ever feel guilty about giving someone just a gift card (even if you have no earthly idea what else they could want)? I had that problem this morning and had a fabulous idea for a solution when I found a cute little bag in the dollar section of Target. The bag's size was perfect for slipping both a narrow greeting card and the store gift card into it. "But how is that a quick craft?" you ask. Well, I wanted to personalize it for the recipient so I went home and dug out my Shrinky Dink supplies and some charms.



Supplies:_____________________________ Cost:
Red Bag:_____________________________ $1.00
4 heart charms :________________________$1.00 (estimate)
6 jump rings:__________________________ $.15 (estimate)
Shrinky Dink:__________________________ $.25 (estimate)
colored pencils (to color the Shrinky Dink)
scissor (to cut out name badge)
heart shaped paper punch (to punch holes
for jump rings in name badge)
oven (to shrink name badge)
clear gloss finish (to seal colored side of name
badge after it cooled)
2 needle nose pliers (open and close jump rings
when attaching things to bag)

The final cost of this project was under $2.50 and it ended up being a heck of a lot cuter than those store bought, waxy paper bags. And the best part was that the recipient absolutely LOVED it.

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