Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stampin' Up

I took a break from my picture scanning projects on Thursday night and went to a Stampin' Up party at church. I don't normally get into stamping as a craft, but 20% of the sales were going back to our church and I figured there would have to be other craft tools I might want. I was totally right, and actually liked the stamps too.

Here's what I made while there:

This thank you card is very cute, but I'm a little disappointed by the placement of the flowers over the "Thanks" stamps. Doing this on my own? I would move the flowers more to the right so there wasn't so much blank space. But that's just me.

This little card is so adorable. We had our choice of doing a pink one or a blue one. I'll end up giving this card to a coworker because I know she is having a little girl in just a few weeks. I love the stamp on the velum, very elegant without being over the top (so to speak).

I'll definitely be looking into these products more for future projects.

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