Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On this date nine years ago. . .

I was going to do a list of things that have happened on this date, but after reading through a list of truly horrible things and a list of truly trivial things I decided to just post about the most important thing that happened to me on this date. (Selfish, I know).

On this date nine years ago, TheHusband officially became TheHusband. That's right! Today is our ninth anniversary. And while we've had our ups and downs (and surely there are more of both to come) I couldn't be happier that I married my very best friend, the person who knows all my deep dark secrets and loves me anyway, and the person God intended for me to marry. I realize that not everyone gets that lucky and I'm ever so grateful that I was.

In honor of this day, here are the vows we said to each other nine years ago:

Today I join my life to yours.
From this day on, I will be your partner and companion
for you are my dearest love and my best friend.
I look forward to the joy we will find
in our separate and shared successes.
I welcome the challenges that we will encounter,
for I know that we will face them together.
I will listen to you when you speak
encourage you in times of doubt,
comfort you in times of sorrow,
and be a refuge of strength for you in times of uncertainty.
I will be faithful to you all of my days,
will cherish and adore you every moment of my life,
and strive to be the wife/husband God has called me to be.
This is my solemn vow.

I love you my dear husband. *head bump*
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