Thursday, July 28, 2011

In need of a Nerf room!

Does anyone have a Nerf room I can use? Seriously, I need a whole room made out of "Nerf" so I won't hurt myself. Every time I turn around today it's like walking into a brick wall.

I can picture it now . . . hurling myself against one wall, then bouncing off into another. It would be much less painful than what I've already experienced today and would burn off so much of the frustration and out right anger I am feeling right now.

Between work and family issues I am very nearly ready to just implode (exploding is too messy and I'm the one who would have to clean up the mess anyway).

Hmmm, maybe a Nerf suit would work. Yeah, I think that would work much better. Less Nerf material would be needed and it's more portable than a whole Nerf room. Yup, that's the ticket!

Anyone have a "Nerf" suit I can borrow? Or buy? Or rent?

Seriously, anyone?!?
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