Monday, February 21, 2011

The snow finally came . . .

7:13AM Update:

We ended up getting about 8"-12" over night, which was a lot of fun to shovel this morning. In this set of pictures you can see how our friend "Twiggy" just barely is keeping his head above the snowline. It's still snowing, so I say good luck to our little friend.

AND as a bonus to everyone, here are some pictures of our abominable snow cat (aka: TheAnnabelle):

Determined to find trouble!

I didn't let her go too far before I went out and got her, and boy was she mad about being brought back in the house. I'll pay (with her trying extra hard to get out) for letting her have this little excursion for quite some time.

4:33PM Update:

Good ol' mother nature. After she finally got the snow flowing, she just doesn't want to stop. Poor "Twiggy" is finally going under, and it's still snowing!

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