Sunday, February 20, 2011

Waiting for the snow

The weather people are forecasting a 12" to 16" inch snowfall today and into tomorrow. Before I went to bed last night they were predicting that it would start sometime early morning, but it' 11:00AM right now and there's only a few flakes falling so far. Here's the view outside our office window now:

The tree in the picture on the left is in our neighbor's backyard. You can also see their grill if you look close (left side of window near the  bottom. The tree in the picture on the right is kind of in our backyard. So far you can still see the ground around both, but if you look closely at the street (just over the fence) you can see a slight dusting of snow. Let's see how deep the snow really gets out there . . .

12:45PM Update

You can't really tell from the picture, but the snow fall has picked up a little. There's snow all the way up to the tree trunks now and the grill also has a thing layer of snow. 

2:25 PM Update

Other than the wind picking up a little, there really hasn't been any change. In fact, when these pictures were taken it seemed as if the snowfall had actually slowed. I've got to say that if things continue at this rate, I'll have to go to work tomorrow.

5:25PM Update
Finally, the snow is picking up a little here. I know it's hard to tell from the pictures, but there really is a little more snow on the ground. I've added a third picture to the group. I'm hoping to see the snow start to cover up that little twig. The more snow that falls, the later I get to sleep in tomorrow. (Really, though it doesn't matter how much it snows, the cats will only let me sleep 'til 6 or so.)

8:35PM Update

Not the greatest pictures, it is dark out you know (which is why this is the last update for the night). But there's definitely more snow. Not as much as I would like to make it a great excuse for being late to work, but there's still 8+ hours before I would normally be leaving for work.  You can't tell from picture, but the snow has crawled about halfway (from where it was in the last picture) up to the split in the twig.

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