Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is what happens . . .

... whenever I don't get home when TheAnnabelle thinks I should. She may not be in the window as I pull up, but all I have to do is give her a few seconds, and . .. POP . . . there's her cute little head peaking down on me. Now I wish I could say it's because she loves and misses me so much. But sadly, she's merely trying to figure out her timing.

"Is the human at the garage or right in front of the house?"
"Is she carrying something or are her hands free?"
"Is she walking fast or slow?"
"Is she distracted from being late?"

These are the questions she asks herself as she plans her mad dash down the stairs to the front door. Her attempt to slip past me and out the screen door must be carefully planned because she MUST get out that door so she can roll around in the dirt. Yup, TheAnnabelle is a dirt roller and is never more happy than when her planning pays of and she manages to slip past me or TheHusband and can hurl herself into the nearest pile of dirt/leaves/dry grass/etc that she can  find.

And even though I know this head pop isn't really about her missing me, it makes me smile every time.


Nancy Moe said...

Oh man, I love dirt rolling cats. Your blog made me laugh.

Dora said...

I love them too! Glad to make you laugh, and glad to see you figured out you can comment right on the blog! ;)

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