Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life as a Dinosaur: The Last Straw

(This post has been written for a while now, I just keep forgetting to actually publish it.)

January/February 2011 - At my last visit to the rheumatologist she said that I was doing so well I wouldn't have to see her for a year and she said she was writing a prescription for the Celebrex to hold me over (including the refills).

Ha ha! Joke was on me for believing her. When I attempted to get a refill on my prescription the pharmacy couldn't fill it, because the last prescription she wrote (in early December) was only for a three month supply. I didn't see the actual prescription when she wrote it because she just did it on the computer and sent it to the pharmacy. And I didn't look at the bottle (other than to check the dosage information) because she told me she was writing the prescription to last a year. (Yes, I know that I should have checked the refills to and from now on you better believe that I will).

When the pharmacy contacted her to get the refill authorization she declined to refill it and said I had to come in for blood work and an appointment. Which was a complete turn around of what she had stated to me when I was there. That was upsetting enough, but this happened on a Thursday and when I hadn't heard anything from the pharmacy by Monday morning (I had enough of my prescription left to get me through the following Wednesday - I try to get my refills a bit earlier than I absolutely need to), I called them and they explained to me what happened. I then called the rheumatologist and her nurse told me that the Dr. had ordered blood tests and wanted to have me come in for an appointment AND that they had sent me a letter to notify me of this. When I asked when the letter had been sent, she responded with "Friday".

Really?! Friday?!?! Somebody contacts you on a Thursday for a refill and you send them a letter on Friday?? Even if I had received the letter the next day (Saturday) I couldn't have called to make an appointment for the blood work or with the rheumatologist until Monday when there was actually someone there to answer the phones (neither the lab or the rheumatologist do online appointments). Anyone here of a phone???

Anyway, I was able to get the blood tests done on Tuesday. And, once I had explained to the nurse that the Dr. had said I didn't need to see her for a year unless I had a bad flair up, they finally authorized the refill. Which I was able to get on Wednesday, just as my other prescription ran out.

This is the last straw with this doctor. Her lack of clear communication only stresses me out more. TheHusband hasn't liked her from the beginning, but I wanted to give her a chance. No more. We are finding someone else.

Author's note: This is post is part of a series regarding my experience(s) with an autoimmune disease. My experience is unique to me and does not speak for all patients with autoimmune diseases. 
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