Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fessing up

Lately I have been extremely lax in spending time studying the bible. I could blame the increased work load this time of year brings at my job, or I could blame the physical effects (spondylitis/arthritis flare up) the extra work stress has triggered. But the truth is that I haven't made spending time with God a priority.

This lack of time spent with God and studying His word has been showing itself in how I have been dealing with the stress in my life. I have been short with people, crabby, and have generally had a bad attitude about things. I must put a stop to this downward spiral and spending time in God's word is the best way I know. In order to help me stay accountable, I will be posting a chapter or two from the bible each day. I will also be posting any comments or thoughts that I may have regarding each day's reading.

Please feel free to comment your own thoughts on the verses as well. I'm always interested in hearing/seeing how God's word speaks to others.
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