Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Crabby Day

Have you ever had one of those days? Where, from the moment you wake up and for no reason at all, you are just crabby? Well, that's my day today.

Saturday is one of the two days each week I get to sleep in, if you can cal getting up at 6:00AM sleeping in. But this morning TheAnnabelle decided that she really needed my attention and woke me up at 5:00AM (the time the alarm clock normally goes off) by licking my nose. Nothing like a good whiff of cat breath to start the morning with.

I pushed her off of me, but she would not be deterred so after about an hour of trying to ignore her I finally gave up and got up. She did get her morning "drip drips" (after I hobbled to the bathroom because my right foot is very sore today), but I made her wait until we were getting ready to leave for the laundromat before she got her breakfast bits. I'm sure waking up like that has not helped my mood.

Then there's the weather today. Yesterday was bright and beautiful, and today is drab and dreary. Such a disappointment after the weather yesterday and even the day before. It certainly isn't conducive to being in a good mood. Other than those things there really is no good reason for me to be having a crabby day.

So today I'm trying to stay away from people in general. Too bad TheHusband has to put up with me. Sorry, my love, for being crabby. I don't think even a trip to Joe's would help today.
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