Monday, April 25, 2011


At least for the kitties. . . 

On Saturday I decided we needed to take drastic measures so TheAnnabelle would let me get some sleep. This meant moving a dresser from the guest room into the master bedroom. When I pulled the dresser away from the wall, this is what I discovered. TheDexter & TheAnnabelle were in kitty heaven. What was included in this treasure? 

- 18 toy mice, in varying states of destruction.
- One pen (that should have been in my purse).
- One shiny fuzzy ball (which are obviously not as important to hide as the mice).

I tried to take a picture of TheDexter rolling around in this stockpile, but everytime I tried he'd run away with one of the mice and wouldn't come back until I put the camera down. I wonder where the new stockpile will be.
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