Monday, April 11, 2011


The neighborhood ice cream truck.

errr, I mean ICE CREAM MINI VAN!!

Every year I await the sounds of carnival music in the neighborhood to announce that spring/summer has truly arrived. Today was that special day. While brushing TheDexter this evening I thought I heard the much anticipated sound, but I was certain it was just wishful thinking. Besides, that cat was purring pretty loud (he LOVES to be brushed) and I was certain I was wrong.

But, no, there it was again! So I turned to TheHusband and said "Is that what I think it is?"

He, being the excitable guy he is, merely replied, "What? The ice cream truck? I think it's a bit optimistic."

But optimistic or not, there it was with 15+ kids gathered around. By the time I got outside to snap this picture it was down to about 8-9, but all were eagerly waiting their turn for that oh so sweet summer treat of ice cream (or push ups, or popsicles, or . . . ohh, you get the picture).

And so begins another six months of TheHusband having to put up with me screaming "ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!" every time I hear the sound tinny carnival music rolling down the street. Yeah, he loves me.
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