Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is what happens . . .

When I try to do way to many things at one time and, in the process, forget to unplug the immersion blender before cleaning it.
The nurse at Urgent Care has some
serious injury wrapping skills!

I can't tell you exactly what happened. All I remember is that one second I was cleaning the blender, and the next second I was reaching for the nearest dish towel while trying to figure out how I was going to call TheHusband while applying pressure to my finger. Let me tell you how much I love speed dial.

Let me tell you how much I dislike voicemail. So I leave a message for TheHusband, it was right around the time his class was ending, then sit down with my hand elevated above my head. While I wait for him to call me back I practice deep breathing. I've passed out from shock before (once from 3rd degree sunburns, and once from stabbing myself in the hand with a letter opener. . . yeah, I'm an unintentional danger to myself, but the guys in the white coats don't need to be called) and can tell my body just might be reaching that point. But the deep breathing helps and the diaphoresis seems to pass. Then TheHusband calls. He didn't actually listen to my message, just saw that I called and wanted to know "What's up?". I quickly explain the situation and ask him to come home as quickly as possible. So he does, because he's awesome like that.

Maybe the fact they were in a strip
mall should have been a clue.
While on his way to save me he calls the Urgent Care in our clinic, but they tell him they are full and then they redirect him to the next closest Urgent Care, which really turns out to be the "Please take a number and we'll be with you as soon as we can." Care. Can you tell I wasn't impressed? We took a number and waited 10-15 minutes to be called up. When we are called up, they give us some paperwork to fill out (so they can get paid). TheHusband fills out the paperwork and we wait another 10 minutes before I finally get called back. During the wait I start to feel woozy/nauseous and really light headed and the diaphoresis returns.

They took my blood pressure, which was WAAAAY too low, then took me to the actual exam room where I got to soak my hand in hot soapy water while we waited for the doctor. This wait was shorter (only about 5-10 minutes). The doctor looked at the finger and decided I needed stitches. (Ya think?) However, he thought he would be funny and said that because I had done it to myself I wouldn't be getting any anesthesia. My unsaid response: "Um, yeah, my insurance company pays you to be a doctor not a would be comedian. Stitch the dang thing up already!"

Needless to say I did get several shots of lidocaine (and tried not to break TheHusband's fingers when the first couple shots were administered). Ahhh, the bliss of a numb finger. After searching for the gauge of suture thread, the doc finally settled in to get business done. I won't go into the awkwardness of having my arm/hand dangle off the side of the exam table while he stitched me up or the near mis-adventure we had while trying to get the painkillers (ohh, we do love our pharmacy though and I'm not even being sarcastic). But here's how the finger has been healing (caution if you get queasy at the sight of injuries you may not want to look).

2 days after,
first bandage change
4 days after
(I got bored)

Day 10 - Last day before
sutures come out.
Day 11 - Sutures out!
Still pretty ugly.

Day 13 - looks a little better
Day 18 - camera won't focus, but it
looks MUCH better
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