Monday, June 20, 2011

Word of the month: Diaphoresis


\ˌdī-ə-fə-ˈrē-səs, (ˌ)dī-ˌa-fə-\
plural di·a·pho·re·ses

Definition of DIAPHORESIS

: perspirationespecially : profuse perspiration artificially induced


Late Latin, from Greek diaphorēsis, from diaphorein to dissipate by perspiration, from dia- + phorein, frequentative of pherein to carry
First Known Use: circa 1681

(definition taken from

Why is this the word of the month? Because I've experienced this reaction twice this month. The first was when I tried to blend my finger and TheHusband had to take me to Urgent Care to get stitches (post about that coming later this week, now that I can type again), and the second time when I was having the stitches taken out (at least my finger got numbed up when they put them in, not so lucky on the taking them out part though).

It's also the word of the month because a day or two after my trip to Urgent Care, TheHusband and I heard it used (and explained) in an episode of ER.
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