Thursday, August 04, 2011

How hard is it?

I went through the drive through for dinner tonight and in addition to my burgers and fries I also received a free side of facepalm.

I ordered a "Large" size item x, only to be told "That doesn't come in a large. It only comes in regular size and snack size. Would you like one of those?". Really? I mean, reeee-ally?!?

I'm sure TheHusband would say something like "There you go again, expecting people to use logic."  But, if you have two sizes of an item, and I order the "large" size, is it really so hard to ring up the larger of the two sizes even if it isn't called a "large"?

I don't know. . . maybe I am asking for too much when I ask for a little logic to be used.
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