Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This is what happens . . .

. . . when I get left alone with a broken vacuum cleaner.

A few months ago (before I welcomed Frankenfinger to the family) we had a little problem with the vacuum cleaner. You see, it would turn on, but the brush wouldn't turn. Obviously, not acceptable. So after TheHusband went to spend some time with friends (and no I didn't tell him what my plan was. . . I didn't want to make him nervous) I dug out the tool box and got busy tearing the darn thing apart.
Remember how I told you I like to tinker with things? Yeah, that urge cannot be denied.

After getting it completely pulled apart (even more than what you see in the picture) and doing a few tests I discovered the problem. The belt that turns the brush was a bit stretched out (don't ask me how that happens). So I put the darn thing back together and waited for TheHusband to get home.

Did I say a "little" stretched out?
  After listening to my results (and confirming my analysis
  with the internet) TheHusband got busy and ordered up
  some new belts. Can you tell which one is the old one?

  Once they arrived I tore the vacuum apart and installed
  the new belt. After everything was put back together,
  and I confirmed that there were no "extra" parts, the
  vacuum started right up and the brush turned just like it

I must say that fixing the vacuum cleaner was quite satisfying. Hmmm, I wonder if there's anything else that's broken. . . . hee hee hee.
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