Monday, August 22, 2011

So it begins. . .

It is the time of year that I both wish for and dread. I wish for it because it means the summer season of last minute changes from customers and constantly shifting meal plan set ups is coming to an end. For this I give a big sigh of relief then take a deep breath. The deep breath is my way of preparing myself for the part of the year I dread.  For the next month or so I am "The Enforcer" and the crusher of dreams (or so I've been told).

What am I enforcing? Oh, just the policies regarding meal plan changes and cancellations. The rules are very straight forward actually, but there are always one or two or a hundred people (or their parents) who think their circumstances are more special than everyone else's and that I should make an exception for them. I never do.

Don't misunderstand, I really do have empathy for all the people who honestly are having financial/health/whatever troubles. I've been there and actually do know what it's like to have to scrape together the money to pay for tuition, housing, books, and all the other unexpected expenses of going to college. It's just that if I make an exception for one person's situation, then I have to make an exception for every person in that situation. Then I have to justify why that situation deserves an exception and not this other similar situation and then all heck breaks loose. Trust me, there's already enough "heck" broken loose that I don't need ALL of it to break loose.

Over the next few days, I may just tell you a few stories of what I mean by "heck". Some of the questions I get are hilarious, and some of the excuses people use to attempt to get out of a meal plan are mind boggling.
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