Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm a Gadget Girl!

That's right, I'm a gadget girl. I love technology in just about all its forms. I find it fascinating how things work  (or don't) and am constantly amazed at the brain power of those individuals who not only have the ideas for these things, but then actually figure out how to make them happen. I mean how many people thought "Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could put my dirty dishes in a box and have them come out clean."? And then, how many people actually sat down and figured out how to make that happen? That's serious brain power.

I also love tinkering with things. Don't get me wrong, if something isn't broken I leave well enough alone. But if something breaks I won't deny feeling a bit of glee if I get to take it apart to try to fix it. While I can't fix everything I have managed to extend the useful life of both a vacuum cleaner and a bubble jet printer.

But, of all the gadgets in the world, I really love gadgets/products that help me out in the kitchen (crafty gadgets can make me swoon, but kitchen gadgets are a close second). I'm not just talking about the dishwasher either. I like all the gadgets big and small that make my kitchen life easier. Just ask TheHusband. Whenever he asks me what I want for Christmas/birthday/etc, he'll often get at least one or two kitchen items. In fact, one of his first gifts to me was a blender. *swoon*

As part of my promise to not only feature recipes on "Foodie Friday's", tomorrow I will be featuring my first kitchen gadget/product that I love. I'm looking forward to sharing these gadgets/products with you and hope that you will also find them useful.

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