Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Big Adventure

Last Friday I took the kids cats on a BIG ADVENTURE! And boy was it an adventure for all of us.

TheAnnabelle, looking for treats!
First, I had to get the cats in their respective carriers, which I had pulled out of the corner the night before (so they could get used to them a little). TheAnnabelle was easy, all I had to do was toss in some treats and she followed them in lickety split. But this was expected. She likes both treats and "caves" so this was almost heaven for her. Her only complaint was the treats ran out too quickly.

TheDexter, wondering what happened.
TheDexter was a completely different story. Let's just say he is cat carrier averse. When he saw the carrier the night before, he acted like I was going to kick him and then slunk up the stairs as quickly as he could. Friday morning, he had watched TheAnnebelle and was not falling for the treat trick. I practically had to turn him upside, with his little paws flailing in the air, to get him in there.

The trip there was uneventful, if you don't count me almost forgetting the poo sample and having to go back for it or if you don't include the sad, pathetic meows from the back seat the whole way there. And at no time was I lost because I turned left instead of right and had to call TheHusband to get turned around. Nope, pretty boring trip, except we now have a new "going to the vet song"! That was exciting!

When we got there, we were whisked right back to the exam room. I let the cats out so they could stretch their legs (and be examined). TheAnnabelle had fun exploring. She checked out her paperwork, double checked on the parking lot, searched TheDexter's carrier for treats (SCORE!), and explained to the vet that there must be something wrong with the sink since there were no "drip drips" for her to drink.

TheDexter had fun hiding. He hid in his carrier while TheAnnabelle tried to talk him out, he hid under the chair so he wouldn't have to get weighed, he hid in the cat "cubby" so he wouldn't have to get his shots, and he hid in his carrier again after the horror of getting his shots.

The ride home was much quieter. TheAnnabelle sulked in silence (apparently she doesn't like getting her blood drawn) while TheDexter explained how this wasn't the "FUN" adventure I promised.

Oh, well, you can't win them all. But the good news is that TheAnnabelle didn't bite anyone, and nothing needs to be removed from TheDexter!
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