Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Safety Tip of the Day!

Had to share this funny. It actually did make me laugh out loud.

Since I was over in the "other" office, I decided I'd check the mail for the MIS/IT dept. & the Meal Plan Office (which is what we call my cubical - hee hee). As I came around the corner of the end cubical to the file cabinet for the "mail" slots I noticed a small green piece of paper laying in the middle of the walk way (it's slightly narrow in that two people can pass each other without touching if they are careful).

Walkway view 1 - Green "X" marks approximate
location of green piece of paper.
Walkway view 2 - Green "X" marks approximate
location of green paper.

If any of the drawers on the cabinet are pulled out, there is just enough space for a person to stand between the drawer and the cubical wall opposite the cabinet.       

My first thought was "Grr, boys!" because it's mostly guys over there now. But then I thought, "I better pick that up, otherwise somebody will slip on it and I'll feel bad." So I picked it up and it was a "Safety Tip Of The Day". And what was that tip you ask?

Yeah, that's right, I laughed.
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