Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Snow

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Today we had the official first snow of the season. We've had a few brave flakes floating around in the air over the past couple weeks, but today was the first day it actually "stuck". It looks like there is about an inch to an inch and a half on the ground. I have to admit it's a little hard to tell for sure given the fact I've only looked out the upstairs windows.  We'll have to see how long it actually sticks around.

TheHusband was actually out in the car with students when it started. I think it's a good thing I didn't know how slippery it was. Turns out there were about 200 crashes between noon and about 3:00PM today, and about 114 of those were here in the Twin Cities area. Also a good thing I know TheHusband is a good driving instructor.

Anyway, it seems like winter has finally arrived. Now it's time to see how long it will last and how hardcore it will be.
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