Saturday, November 05, 2011

Reigniting an old hobby.

Recently TheHusband and I have discussed me finding some things to do besides spending hours on the computer. Yes, I still work 5 days a week, but the pain from the spondylitis has been getting worse and I spend much of my time at home in my recliner (where I have the least amount of discomfort).

I do a lot of reading (my Nook and the internet), watch Netflix, and play Facebook games, but let me be honest, I can only spend so much time on any of those activities before my mind and/or body start to get fidgety.  So today I've been really thinking about what types of things I can do while sitting in my recliner.

I've decided that it's time for me to dust off the needlepoint skills I picked up as a young girl. I have all sorts of supplies in the basement and should be able to find a fun project or two in no time. In fact, I may just start with something like the emoticon coasters I found over at

I think they are adorable and would probably make a great gift for someone. Perhaps I'll even start creating my own designs with the cross stitch program I've had for a while. Who knows what the future holds?
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