Monday, November 07, 2011

Our Laundromat is Haunted

The laundromat TheHusband and I go to is haunted. Not in the scary poltergeist-y kind of way, because we would totally NEVER go there again if it were (because you want to have clean clothes after a visit to the laundromat and not, well, you know).

Casper's dryer is the one
with the sign on it.
Nope our laundromat seems to have a benign little ghost. We call him Casper. He likes to play with the dryers. Well, one dryer specifically. He'll turn it on and off even when there aren't any clothes in it. Mostly though he likes to play with the lights/exhaust fan in the bathroom. There can be no one anywhere near the bathroom, yet all of a sudden the light will pop on and the exhaust fan will start to run. Then just as suddenly the light & fan will turn off.

Now you may think that an overly sensitive motion sensor is to blame, but you'd be wrong. On several occasions I've seen people walk into the bathroom and nothing happens. And by nothing I mean the light won't come on until they actually manually push the little button to turn it on. I've even had it happen to me.

Faulty wiring or a playful ghost? You can judge for yourself, but now that I think about it nothing strange happened on Halloween while we were there. I guess Casper must have been out trick or treating.
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