Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are definitely not friends.

Yesterday during the colonoscopy the doctor had the nurse put pressure on different parts of my abdomen in order to, you know, get them to cooperate so she could advance the camera. And when I say "pressure" I mean A LOT of pressure. The kind of pressure that you can apply to something only by standing on a stool so you can  really put your weight behind it. And I know it's that kind of pressure, because the nurse actually STOOD ON A STOOL SO SHE COULD PUT HER WEIGHT BEHIND IT.

When the camera was finally where it was supposed to be, the nurse stepped down from the stool and asked, "We're still friends, right?"

I jokingly replied that I would let her know tomorrow (which is now today). Well I'm not joking any more, and if I could, I would most certainly tell her that "We are NOT friends, Ms. Colonoscopy Nurse".

Now I'm going to go find some Tylenol to see if that will help me feel like the cats have not been using my abdomen as a trampoline.
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